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Teodora Popescu

University of Alba Iulia, Romania






The aim of this study is to provide an overview of the situation of Romanian immigrants to Italy and the way in which this is reflected at various layers of communication. I will start by presenting some statistical data concerning this phenomenon, provided by various OECD publications. Next, I will comment on the findings of the surveys carried out by Metro Media Transilvania and commissioned by Agenţia pentru strategii guvernamentale[1]: Comunitatea românească în Italia: condiţii sociale, valori, aşteptări - Studiu sociologic [2] (December 2007) and Percepţia cetăţenilor italieni asupra României şi comunităţii româneşti din Italia[3] (March-April 2008). Last but not least, I will focus on media discourses on the issue of Romanian immigrants in Italy, as seen in the English-speaking media.


Key words: Migration; Romania; Italy; European integration; Free movement of labour.





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[1] Agency for Governmental Strategies.

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[3] Italian citizens’ perception of Romania and the Romanian community in Italy.