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Elena Buja

Transilvania University of Braşov, Romania






After the fall of communism in 1989, many members of the Hungarian minority in Romania and of the Romanians from Moldova started moving westwards, to Hungary and to Romania, respectively. They all hoped for a better life among what they thought of as their ‘brothers’. But it seems that many of them were disappointed by the attitudes of the people in the mother countries. The present paper aims to investigate attitudes toward linguistic diversity among nationals and immigrants. To this aim, I shall basically use two tools, namely interviews conducted with Moldovan-Russian students enrolled in the programmes of the Transylvania University of Brasov, and questionnaires administered to both monolingual Romanians and Romanian-Hungarian bilinguals. I expect the findings of the analysis to reveal many similarities between the two groups of bilingual people, but also some differences.

Hopefully, this small-scale research will raise people’s awareness of the need for certain linguistic policies and strategies.


Keywords: Bilingualism; Language attitudes; Linguistic chauvinism; Ethnic solidarity; Identity.



Editors’ note:

This article is the author’s contribution to the Proceedings of the Exploratory Workshop Linguistic and Intercultural Education in the Process of Europeanisation of Higher Education CLIE-2009, Popescu, T, & Pioariu R. (Eds.) (pp. 107-120). Aeternitas: Alba-Iulia, (reproduced with permission).





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