JoLIE 2:2/2009


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Anne Martina Emonts

University of Madeira, Portugal






There is nothing more serious than speaking about humour. Different senses of humour have separated cultures, for example the cultures of women and men, depending on the Erkenntnisinteresse of a specific research area. However, a common sense of humour has also unified people.

Humour in the forms of satire and caricature, has always been the strongest weapon to attack power. Mechtilde Lichnowsky (1897-1958), a multi-talented and intercultural character, aristocrat and enemy of any kind of domination, was a public figure and a well-known writer on the eve of World Wars I and II. Despite her importance, she has been overlooked in the literary canon because she used humour as a weapon in such a form, at that time considered inappropriate for an aristocratic Lady.

In my brief paper, I shall present a relevant œuvre in the European cultural context which has divided but also unified opinions.


Key words: Power; Gender; Humour; Satire; Caricature; Interculturalism.





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