JoLIE 6/2013

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Nicoleta-Petronela Apostol

Regina Maria Arts High School, Alba Iulia, Romania






The article King Henry VIII and His Life StoryJigsaw Reading is aimed at researching the effects of group learning by means of exchanging information and the implications of jigsaw reading for the overall language acquisition. The project lesson was applied to a group of students from the 7th grade being based on gradual pursuit of knowledge about King Henry VIII’s life in such a manner that the content and language acquisition was the result of several pieces of a reading puzzle put together. The assessment unfolding during and at the end of the activity points out an increased interest in the topic and an easier perception of the learning process expressed by the students in the follow-up questionnaire. The article also reflects upon the impact exerted on the students by group and individual work in the jigsaw reading context.


Key words: Jigsaw reading; Group/individual work; Collaboration; Joint results.





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