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Ana Ene

Transilvania University, Brașov, Romania






This paper investigates a series of problems which may appear in the process of literary text interpretation, especially texts belonging to the lyric poetry genre, in view of teaching certain stylistic analysis techniques at the university level. Teaching in practice shows that one of the major difficulties that undergraduates can face in their stylistic approach to such a text consists in the correct decoding of its theme and message. The main objective of this paper is therefore to examine and interpret the external form of the analysed text meant to lead to its internal form.

A configuration of the perimeter of this investigation involves certain methodological aspects belonging to the field of linguistic stylistics and, partially, to the domains of pragmatics and general semiotics. Implicitly, the analytical instruments to be used are selected from those specific to the aforementioned domains. The demonstrative analysis is applied to two modern Romanian poems, selected according to the following principle: the texts must contain enough aspects to create difficulties in reception and which require various stylistic approaches.


Keywords: External form; Internal form; Stylistics of the effect; Functional stylistics; Aesthetics of reception.





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