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Vera Vujević Đurić

University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina






The paper aims to investigate and classify certain types of reported speech in English and Serbian newspaper discourse. After a short account of the most relevant theoretical reflections related to the phenomenon of reported speech, the paper presents an exemplified classification of the types of reported speech present in English and Serbian newspapers, as well as a description of their potential functions. Predominant forms of reported speech are direct and indirect speech, which can be explained by the overall tendency of newspapers to present a valid and objective representation of actual events. Other less frequently found types of reported speech are free indirect and free direct speech, yet their usage differs between English and Serbian. Although the mentioned types of reported speech are rare, the fact that they do appear occasionally raises the issue of the functions they are supposed to perform and the effect they are supposed to have on the reader.


Keywords: Reported speech; Direct speech; Indirect speech; Newspaper language; English; Serbian.





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